Meta Trader 4

In the present Section, I am going to write different tips to simplify the reading of charts in the platform Metatrader 4.

* Change the screen: When you begin with Meta Trader 4, the platform always charged default characteristics; however you can create your own template to do more simply the tasks. Thereby:

Click right in "Template"->"Save Template" and save it as default.tpl.

* Add Indicators: When you want add the indicators that you are using to your trading is simple:

Search the window Navigator and select the folder (Indicators) and when you find your favorite indicator, you can drag the indicator and put it in the Template.

* Add NewIndicators: When you want add indicators that MT4 does not have, is simple:

1) Download the Indicator (file tipe .mq4)
2) Select the botton MetaQuotes Language editor (F4)
3) Select the botton Open and existing document (Ctrl + O)
4) Open the file Indicators 
5) Paste the file .mq4 

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